Go-Float sun loungers are available for purchase from our retail partners or directly from ELUX Marine in Mayer, Minnesota. For more details please go to the “Purchase” page on the main menu.


The video you see on our website shows 12v Go-Floats (Fusion and Vortex) motoring at their top speeds, which is 3-4 miles per hour.

At a normal cruising speed of 3-4 miles per hour, a fully charged battery will provide over 2 hours of continuous operation. Under typical ‘go-stop-go’ usage a fully charged battery will usually have enough power to operate your Go-Float for an entire day of fun on the water.

Go-Float sun loungers have an on-board battery charger so simply plug the Go-Float into a standard 110-volt 15-amp GFI electrical outlet using a standard 12-gauge outdoor-rated extension cord.

When connected to a standard 15 amp circuit you should be able to recharge your Go-Float battery pack from half-full to full in about 4 hours.

  1. The 12v Fusion weighs 250 lbs. with battery and accessories included
  2. The 12v Vortex weighs 380 lbs. with battery and accessories included

12v SLA/AGM deep cycle battery (which stands for sealed lead acid/absorbed glass mat battery). Absorbed glass mat is a special design glass mat used to wick the battery electrolyte between the battery plates. AGM batteries contain only enough liquid to keep the mat wet with the electrolyte and if the battery is broken no free liquid is available to leak out. These are very common batteries that can be found at most battery retail locations.

The Fusion and Vortex sun loungers have 12 volt drive systems. The Fusion is equipped with a single 75 Amp Hour (Ah) battery while the Vortex is equipped with a single 100Ah battery.

The lifespan of SLA/AGM battery is referred to in terms of cycles (a ‘cycle’ is one complete discharge and recharge session). Generally speaking, you should try to echarge the battery in your Go-Float when it’s about 50% discharged (first or second yellow light on the battery indicator). Assuming normal use, charging, and maintenance, the battery in your Go-Float could last 3+ years before needing to be replaced.

Yes, the battery box is accessible behind the seat and replacing the battery is as simple as opening the lid, disconnecting the cables, and swapping out the battery. 

Go-Float Fusion and Vortex models are powered by 12v electric trolling motors in the 30-50 pound thrust range.


All motors used on Go-Float sun loungers operate at or below 2HP. While there is no direct translation from thrust to horsepower, you can estimate the horsepower rating of an electric motor by multiplying the amp draw times the voltage to find the wattage of the motor. Then, wattage divided by 746 will give you an estimated horsepower of the motor. So every 746 watts is roughly equivalent to 1 horsepower.


Very little. To winterize, all you need to do is fully charge the battery and remove the red battery cable from the battery post. There’s no drain plug to pull, no oil to change, no gas to stabilize, no engine to winterize and no transmission to check. Either store your Go-Float in a heated garage or remove the battery and store the battery in heated storage.

Yes, we offer a custom trailer manufactured by Tebben Enterprises of Clara City, MN that fits the Go-Float hull perfectly.

All Go-Floats are designed to discharge any water that enters the boat. So, if that cabin cruiser puts you in its wake and water comes over the sides, any water will drain to the bilge area and the automatic bilge pump will activate, quickly pumping out any water through a fitting beneath the gunnel.

Go-Float Sun Loungers have a rated capacity of 550 lbs for a Fusion and up to 650 lbs for a Vortex. See our products pages for complete capacity information.
Go-Floats are usually registered like any other small boat or PWC. Consult your local DMV or DNR for particulars pertaining to the areas where you will be boating.

Go-Floats can be used in salt water, but need to be rinsed well with fresh water following salt water use. For best results in salt water, your Go-Float can be special ordered in a salt-water ready configuration. Please call for pricing and lead times if that is required.

Our manufacturing facility is located on the western edge of the Twin Cities in Mayer, Minnesota. Our fiberglass hulls and decks are made in Grove City, Minnesota and our upholstery is made in New Ulm, Minnesota.