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Yes, sales of the Stealth started in 2019 and are expanding in 2020 with multiple color options.

Stealth pontoons are available for purchase only from ELUX Marine in Mayer, Minnesota. If you’re interested in purchasing an Stealth, contact us through the contact page.

Watch the video – which shows the Stealth motoring at around 11 miles per hour. Depending on your number of passengers and water conditions, we expect top end speed to be around 12 miles per hour – plenty fast for pontoon cruising.

No, it’s not that fast.  You can pull a tube, but Stealth isn’t a water ski or wake surfing boat.

At normal pontoon cruising speed of 5 miles per hour, a fully charged battery pack will provide over 10 hours of continuous boating. At higher speeds, of course, your motoring time will be less.

Simply plug the Stealth into a standard 110-volt 15-amp GFI electrical outlet using a standard 12-gauge outdoor-rated extension cord.

It depends on the amps provided by your electrical outlet, but at 15 amps you should be able to recharge your Stealth battery pack from half-full to full in about 12 hours. 


3,500 lbs. with all of the accessories included

Lithium-ion Li-NCM batteries, which stands for Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide

Individual lithium battery cells are packaged in thick foil pouches, with seven pouches connected in parallel in a battery block to provide 3.7 volts and 140 amps. A total of 20 battery blocks are connected in series, with three series connected in parallel, to provide 72 volts and 420 amp hours in each Stealth battery pack.  The result is 420 individual battery cells packaged into 60 blocks secured in an aluminum battery case.

At nominal, the Stealth battery pack provides 420 amps at 72 volts, resulting in approximately 35 kilowatt hours.

It’s not a question of years, it’s a question of how many charge/discharge cycles.  The lithium batteries included in the Stealth electric pontoon have been tested to retain over 80% of their capacity after 1,000 charge cycles.  Assuming normal use, that means the ELUX batteries will last over 10 years.

Yes, the battery case is easily accessible and replacing the batteries is as simple as opening the lid, disconnecting the cables and switching out the battery blocks.

A liquid cooled permanent magnet AC brushless motor that’s IP67 certified for water immersion.

Electric motors have different power characteristics than internal combustion engines, but the Stealth motor is roughly equivalent to a 35 horsepower outboard.

The Stealth motor is governed to a maximum of 2,500 rpms.

No, the Stealth uses a direct drive, with the motor shaft directly coupled to the prop shaft which is directly connected to the propeller.  There are no gears or transmission in the Stealth drive shaft.

Very little. To winterize, all you need to do is charge the batteries to approximately 75% charge and turn the battery switch off. There’s no drain plug to pull, no oil to change, no gas to stabilize, no engine to winterize and no transmission to check.

Yes, as long as your lift will support a 3,500 lb. boat. Before using your existing lift, you must reconfigure the lifting bunks to fit the Stealth pontoons.

Yes, we offer a custom trailer manufactured by Tebben Enterprises of Clara City, Minnesota that fits the Stealth hull perfectly.

Our manufacturing facility is located on the western edge of the Twin Cities in Mayer, Minnesota. Our fiberglass hull and deck are made in Grove City, Minnesota while our trailer is made in Clara City, Minnesota.